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CJPS Enterprises Logo

At CJPS Enterprises, we specialize in execution. Getting things done. Our approach is designed to give your company an unfair advantage. We have years of experience in the medical industry, a long list of contacts and access to the leading minds in healthcare. We're catalysts,analysts, managers, negotiators - experts in every aspect of raising capital and facilitating breakthrough growth. CJPS is designed to work with companies everywhere in the world, with a knack for creating strategic alliances that benefit all those involved. Locally or globally.

You can't get breakthrough growth with incremental thinking. So let's talk. And prepare for take off.

CJPS Enterprises offers entrepreneurial leadership to companies looking for explosive growth.

We get explosive results because we’re bringing you:

  • Expertise and firsthand experience in rapidly licensing or developing a product – and building a business around it

  • Insider’s know-how in raising working capital through strategic alliances, business unit spin-offs, grants, equity rounds of financing and even reverse mergers

  • An approach that accelerates growth with surgical efficiency

  • A totally fresh and objective – but experienced – approach to meeting your unique goals

  • Access to the industry’s most talented performers and biggest names

  • An international perspective, with contacts on every continent

We get breakthrough results because we’ll only work one way: a flat fee. We will not jeopardize our objectivity by taking an earn-out, commission or percentage. If we take a stake, we lose our credibility with the people in our Rolodex®.

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