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  • is an online marketplace that facilitates the in- and out-licensing, selling and buying of IP. This unique web site provides a central, global database for organizations and individuals to search, list, license, buy and sell published and non-published IP in a secure setting
    • Our management team has created businesses that were based on research organizations’ IP, for over 25 years,
    • We have also identified, negotiated, and licensed technologies from, and on behalf of, companies, and academic institutions internationally for over 25 years,
    • We have helped many companies and entrepreneurs bring technologies to the market rapidly through the creation of strategic alliances,
    • In short, we are experts at commercializing Intellectual Property.

  • offers you two options to simplify the process of posting your IP:
    • Database File – XML Stream Import, CSV File, or other database files – Even Microsoft® Excel files that we can periodically import into our database.
    • Existing Website - We can “scrape” your website and automatically import the IP postings listed on your website into our database and automatically update them on a monthly basis.

  • You can let us know if some files are confidential, in which case the searcher will be required to sign the online Confidentiality Agreement, before being allowed to view these particular files.

  • Our searching algorithms use optical character recognition (OCR) software when they look through everything you provide in your IP listing (all fields, descriptions, attached documents, etc.) to make your IP highly visible to the searcher.

  • If you have listed IP on our site, you can go at any time into the “My Account” page and view who has clicked on your listing, and contact them directly.

  • While searching for IP, you can save your search query, and emails will be sent to you as soon as new IP corresponding to these keywords are added on this website.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What support does need from a research institution to post IP on the website?

  • If you give us permission to “scrape” your website, you have nothing to do; our spider will map your website fields to ours. If you’d prefer to send us database files, such as CSV, XML or Microsoft® Excel files, all you have to do is send them to us through our online Large File Upload system. Our IT staff will import these into our website for you. You can review, delete, or add anything to each IP at anytime from anywhere.

We would prefer to use our own Non-Disclosure Agreements for searchers to view our documents. How can we do this?

  • As the lister, you can choose to have the searcher agree to our on line Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). However, if you would prefer to use your own NDA, then we suggest you post your IP leaving out any confidential information, and instruct the interested parties to contact you directly.

We want to negotiate directly with the potential licensee. Are we able to do that if we sign up with

  • Yes. We do not take any part in the negotiations, or any other interactions between the lister and the potential licensee or buyer.

What is the cost to list IP?

  • There are no fees for listing IP on our site. You can list as many technologies as you wish.
  • Also, you can search for IP, and receive email alerts for free. There is no limit to how many times you search for IP, or to the number of alerts you receive.
  • You must be a member of to view the database. The membership is free.

How long can I list my IP?

  • You can remain a lister as long as you want, or terminate all or some patent listing at any time with no penalty. You do not have to be a member to list IP.

Do you list all technologies that come to you or do you have an evaluation process?

  • For organizations, such as university systems, national laboratories, corporations, or other research institutions, we do not have an evaluation process for two reasons:
    - The volume of IP is such that we would not be able to keep up with it and do it justice,
    - We expect that such entities have a reasonable level of IP quality.

How do interested parties reach me, if they are interested in discussing any of my postings?

  • They can simply click on your email address provided with the listing, click on your URL, call you or fax you. All that information is displayed next to each listed IP.

What do Listers see about their postings?

  • They see:
    - Who has viewed their IP
    - Who signed the NDA (if one is requested)

If I list new IP, how do I know that it will be seen?

  • We have automated alerts that will reach out to the searchers that have conducted searches on our website. If your IP fit their search criteria, it will alert them. With no effort on your part, emails will be sent to the relevant visitors.

How do I make my IP stand out on the site?

  • We believe that the key to make your IP most attractive is to have clear descriptions, attach a multitude of documents to be searched to increase the chances to be found, or to provide IP that is not public yet (provisional patents, or patent applications that have not been published yet). The searchers will not be allowed to see that unpublished IP unless they sign an online NDA.

How and how often does update the posted technologies?

  • You, as the lister, can come in anytime and update your IP on the site.
  • If you select the scraping method, it is fully automated and we “synch” with your website monthly.
  • If you select the CSV, XML, or other database files such as Microsoft® Excel, we will update the site, as you provide us with updated files.

Does provide a web activity report to those listing IP (i.e. number of hits per technology)?

  • Yes. In the “my account” page, you are able to see who (not just how many) clicked to view your IP, and who signed the online confidentiality agreement.

How long after we agree to post IP will they appear on your website?

  • Within a few days from the day we get either your permission to scrape your website, or we receive your CSV or your XML files. If you choose to upload your IP manually, it will be posted as soon as you sign the agreement.

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